Executive Teambuilding

“Ambujam Lakshmi provided a Laughter Power session for our executive  management group at Core Power Yoga, which created a stronger connection  for the team and improved communication. I highly recommend bringing  this unique experience she offers to your company.”

-Amy Shecter



When Lakshmi came to our office to offer us Laughter Medicine, it not  only completely changed my point of view about work but tremendously  helped my coworkers and I release tension and stress. We work in a  fast-paced environment where anxiety levels can rise swiftly and it’s  sometimes hard to focus, breathe and re-center. Using Lakshmi’s  techniques even after the class helped us loosen up to create a less  tense atmosphere which we know is essential to staying successful.

-Liz Klausner


Creativity & Connectivity

“We all at People’s Revolution love Ambujam Lakshmi’s Laughter Power  because it blows our minds and hearts wide open- to a supercharged experience of connectivity, creativity and harmony amongst  the team.

-Kelly Cutrone,




A few autumns back, I was visiting India and had been having serious  problems with my voice and breathing for over a year. A sense of panic  came from the stress of a concert I was performing that night. “Somehow”  I was led to Ambujam Laksmi, who so lovingly guided me to laugh  spontaneously and helped me to release my inner pain and my voice. We  were standing and laughing on the roof. I had tears in my eyes and I  learned to laugh without any particular reason. Later that year I was  visiting Amritapuri once again and it turned out that the main theme was  “Joy”. I had two dear friends with me on that journey, and we laughed  so much all the time that I don’t even remember laughing that much ever  before. I felt free to laugh and express joy. Now when I look back all  this, it seems to me, that all this happened, so that I could face this  inner work during these past months with the smile on my face and joy  and gratitude in my heart. It hasn’t been easy, but every now and then I  was reminded about the miraculous power of Laughter. So Thank You  Ambujam Laksmi for sharing these transformational tools! Kirsi Ranto Singer/Songwriter, 

Indeed Inspired

Ambujam Laksmi Keyes is really on top of her game and there is nobody  that she wouldn’t help. She believes in giving her best to her clients  and also applying the same mind-set to every project that is handed to  her. Laksmi works equally well with senior leadership, peers and team members  — and she is able to effectively communicate and motivate others on all  levels. The “Laughter Yoga” certification training I got from Laksmi  was an inspiration to everyone. With this new knowledge, I feel really  well equipped to convey these powerful skills to my Executive Coaching  clients. Laksmi’s inspiring tools can indeed help any team or  organization create a successful vision of high performance and personal  fulfillment. I was indeed inspired by her ability to design creative  and out-of-box solutions for a corporate environment. Ben Ghalmi CEO , YOGA 

You taught me how healing self love and laughter are

I am forever grateful to Ambujam! I met her while going through my  RESET! She was a source of light when my world was very dark! She  allowed me to open up and let the sunshine in! She gave me a series of  hands-on and coaching sessions. She taught me how healing  self love and laughter are! She is a healer but has become a dear  friend and sister! Anyone blessed enough to know her, speak to her and  work with her will be Forever changed! Not only will she leave an ever  lasting stamp on your heart she will teach you the tools to live a more  happy and abundant life! Please join my dear friend Ambujam Lakshmi as  she provides healing touch, wisdom and laughter! She is an amazing soul  and I love her very much! Laughter truly makes us lighter and heals us!  Thank you so much Ambujam for all you have done for me, my personal life  and my career. God Bless You! 

Jacqui Phillips Author, TV/Radio Host, Celebrity Make-up Artist 


Things people say who have worked with me...

  •    Shecter, Amy
    Chief Executive Officer at GLAMSQUAD               Laksmi provided a "laughing yoga" session for our management group  that created a stronger connection for the team and improved  communication.  She is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to  using her again in the future.
    Amy Shecter
    CEO Core Power Yoga   
  •    Jackie Kapua Tyler
    Individual, family, couples and children therapist at Somatic Psychotherapies (Trauma Integration)            Laksmi has the gift of heart in her healing hands. She is intuitive, kind and present.
    I highly recommend her.


  •    Laura Krohn, MPH
    Director - Spa at Canyon Ranch                I joined the Fairmont Kea Lani team in my first GM spa position.   Laksmi was a therapist on the team and had one of the highest guest  satisfaction feedback rates of the whole team.  I watched here continue  to add new modalities of massage, mindfulness and personal development  to her craft.  Her therapeutic body/mind gifts are too numerous to list  here but I can share that I would refer anyone in my circle to work with  Laksmi for improved health and wellbeing!   I fully support and  recommend Laksmi and believe she would be an asset in any endeavor.     
  •    Irena Fomenko
    Owner at Boulder Aesthetics, RN                   Great Massage, Great Spirit, Great Results!!   
  •    Shecter, Amy
    Chief Executive Officer at GLAMSQUAD           I have had the pleasure of working with Laksmi a number of times.   She is warm and engaging and does great, great work.  I highly recommend  her.   
  •    Ali Van Putten
    Google + Jivamukti Yoga Teacher                 An experience with Laksmi has become something that is essential to  my mental and physical well being.  Not only do I feel the relaxation  and release during my session with her but for days and weeks  afterwards, my mind is clear and I'm able to show up in my life in a  more positive way.  I highly, highly recommend her services.   
  •    Ben M. Ghalmi
    Lecturer - Organizational - Economics                 Laksmi Keyes is really on top of her game and there is nobody that  she wouldn't help. She believes in giving her best to her clients and  also applying the same mind-set to every project that is handed to her.  Laksmi Keyes works equally well with senior leadership, peers and team  members -- and she is able to effectively communicate and motivate  others on all levels. The “Laughter Yoga” certification training I got  from Laksmi Keyes was an inspiration to everyone. With this new  knowledge, I feel really well equipped to convey these powerful skills  to my Executive Coaching clients.  Laksmi’s inspiring tools can indeed  help any team or organization create a successful vision of high  performance and personal fulfillment.  I was indeed inspired by her  ability to design creative and out-of-box solutions for a corporate  environment.   
  •    Nicole Rogers
    Presentation Design, Art Direction, & Graphic Design.        The Laughter yoga workshop I took with Laksmi was such a joy. I  thought it would feel awkward and forced, but Laksmi was an expert at  putting us all of us at ease and helping us all have so much FUN! We got  in touch with our childhood playfulness that has been all too hidden  for years. It was one of the best things I did in NYC.   
  •    karla lightfoot - clinical hypnotherapy
    change your thoughts, change your game, change your life          Laksmi is a phenomenal laughter yoga teacher and trainer! Most  people don't quite get the healing power of laughter yoga-- what it is  exactly, what happens and how they might apply it to their lives. During  a very difficult time, with serious illness in our family, and living  on one income, the tools that Laksmi taught us during both our classes  and training have been incredibly therapeutic and have helped to  increase the amount of laughter and joy in our family life. Thanks  Lakshmi!   
  •    Nicole Rogers
    Presentation Design, Art Direction, & Graphic Design.  Founder + Creative Director of Studio Kenney.          Laksmi has an incredible gift and passion for healing. She  introduced me to Reiki. I had been skeptical of Reiki's validity, but  after a session with her, the results were obvious. She has further  helped me with energy healing and I've see years of blocked energy in my  body transform completely in one session. If you are lucky enough to be  in the part of the world where she is currently offering sessions, it's  one of the best gifts you can give yourself.   
  •    Jen Kluczkowski
    Founder at MINDFRESH, The Standard in Corporate Mindfulness.              Laksmi has a gift.  She radiates peace, compassion and beauty.  I  was very blessed to receive a two-hour session with her.  When I first  laid on her table, I was agitated and stressed.  Her healing hands,  gentle voice and beautiful insights created a calmness inside.  I slept  peacefully for many nights following and all my stresses were simply put  into perspective.  She's a tremendously special and gifted Earth angel.   
  •    Nancy Moshe
    Independent Writing and Editing Professional            Laughter Yoga is a rewarding technique that makes me feel better  every day and no one teaches it better than Lakshmi.  Since taking her
    delightfully fun class in January, my life is less stress-filled and more joyful. Laughing really works! Thanks Lakshmi.   
  •    Linda Davidson
    BROKER/OWNER, The RYAN/DAVIDSON Team        Without a doubt, the BEST massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by.  Magical!   
  •    Judith Orloff
    Founder and CEO Radical Choices, Inc.                Laksmi is a magical body worker and healer.  She came to my home on  time, with a joy and singularity of purpose... to give to me what I  needed that particular time.  She also has a deep spiritual essence that  shines through all she does and can transmit health at a core level.

    I recommend her to all with an open heart.   
  •    Jude Blitz
    Psychotherapist/4 Gateways Coach, Systemic Constellaiton Facilitator /Teacher;Co-director at Living Arts Foundation                   I hire Lakshmi Keyes for massage therapay sessions any time she  comes to my area of the country. She accommodates my schedule, is always  prompt, generous with her skills, and uses the best body work tools to  achieve healing results.   
  •    Peter Black
    Creative and Therapeutic Endeavors           Laksmi was one of our more requested female therapists. She received  many glowing reviews from Spa Kea Lani guests and had many return  clients.   
  •    Carrie Dinow
    Psychotherapist          March 15, 2010,    Laksmi is a profoundly intuitive healer.  Not only does she heal  one's body, but one's spirit as well.  She embodies the healing power of  love.   
  •    Lorri Fulkerson
    Lorri at .bone          March 14, 2010,       I have worked with Laksmi on many occasions over the last 4 or 5  years and would give her the highest recommendation possible.  She has  an amazing healing touch and is also a delightful human being full of  compassion and love.  I haven't seen her walk on water but often wonder  if she does!!!!  I am a distance runner, mountain biker, skier...with  frequent need for deep soft tissue work and Laksmi always gets right to  the problem area and resolves it.  She is an expert at what she does!   
  •    Franca Rothman
    President at Overseas Precision Castings                 Lakshmi's innate intuitive healing skills are delicious.  From  releasing and an old head injury that I never dealt with,  ( she  immediately began a series of Cranial-Sacral) to work with all my issues  before , during and after my back surgery....Now I am pain free and  stronger than ever.
     ..... Around my house  and my group of doesn't get a massage by Laksmi,  you get Laksmi'd  .....

    Don't miss out on this extraordinary  healer, and all around wonderful woman.  

    Franca Rothman   
  •    Herb Graham Jr
    Owner, Grahamuvherb Music and Music Consultant          Laksmi is a highly skilled massage therapist who is able to provide  excellent service for her clients. The quality of her work is extremely  high and professional.   
  •    Sarba Das
    Vice President/Head of Documentary Films                      Lakshmi has the innate ability to tune in to people and release  negative energy, blockage and anything else that might be ailing you and  release it.  I have had the great pleasure of having her unique massage  therapy on two different continents at times when I have been  incredibly stressed and broken from being overworked and fatigued and  each time have come out of her healing sessions feeling renewed and  whole again.  The effects of her therapy last for not just days, but  weeks and she is the consummate professional with endless stamina.   
  •    Jennifer Dozier
    reflexologist and aromatherapist              After just one session with Laksmi, I felt more balanced in my body and in my overall energy,
    Her bodywork is deep, accurate and fluid, Her energy work is subtle and profound.   
  •    Jan Jackson
    Fundraising, Nonprofits            Laksmi is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure to  work with. She has an amazing gift of being able to sense where her  energies are most needed in a person's body and then delivers true  relief and rejuvenation. She has a most wonderful heart and soul as well  so she is indeed a delight to work with.   
  •    Jerry Ryan
    Founder and CEO CoreAdvantage            Laksmi is by far the best masssage therapist that I have ever had  body work from!   She combines both deep tissue and energy work in an  incredible way.  You will not regret getting "Laksmied".   
  •    Marci Stark
    Insurance Agent at Farmers Insurance            Laksmi does amazing work.  I felt like a million bucks when she was finished with me.  I highly recommend her work.   
  •    Dorothy Doyle
        I find dear Laksmi an intututive and creatve body worker. She made  me feel that I was a very special client and that my needs were  paramount to her! The energy and love she exudes does qualify her work  as "heavenly".


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