You are invited on a Journey…

Our bodies are constantly working to bring us back into a state of  homeostasis, or balance. Pain is a series of signals the nervous system  sends to the brain when there is an imbalance. Over time, if we do not  respond to these neurological signals, our pain and tension layers build  up into rigid holding patterns, which limit the experience and  potential in our bodies, minds and lives. You are invited on a journey deep within the landscape of your body,  mind and spirit. Your guide on this journey is your body-any pain is its  series of signals for the changes needed for optimal functioning.  Healing resonates through your whole being, re-balancing you and  bringing you back to center, to your natural state of bliss and supreme  aliveness. Re-enter your life centered, with a renewed sense of energy  and purpose to achieve your physical and personal goals with greater  efficiency, grace and ease. In Sanskrit, there is a word for our vital life-force-it is Prana.  The Chinese refer to this subtle energy as Chi, the Japanese call it Ki,  Ancient Hawaiians call it Mana, while the Breath of Spirit within us,  they call Ha. This invisible bio-energetic field, or vital energy is tangible if  you become more subtle. It is what keeps the body alive and maintains a  state of good health. Energy is the fuel that runs the activity of every living cell.  Hidden beneath the physical solid surface of our bodies, are levels of  emotions, thought patterns and learned beliefs which create patterns of  energy that vibrate at different frequencies. It is important that these  intricate patterns of energy flow harmoniously because they are  intrinsically affecting the physical system of the body. Cellular unwinding utilizes the prana or mana, along with the Ha  (Divine Energy) to balance, harmonize and transform the body’s  processes. The healing process is accelerated by increasing the system’s  vital energy to the affected part of the physical body. Energy blocks  or imbalances cause discomfort or dis-ease.  The most effective way to  treat an illness is to uncover its root cause is not to treat the  symptom, but to begin the healing process from the deepest level. Listening deeply in stillness, my hands sense like sonar to meet your  pain and holding patterns at the cellular memory level, responding with  awareness and a high frequency of chi, or life force energy. This  profound communication relieves pain and inflammation, calms the nervous  system and balances the brain hemispheres, allowing your system to  finally let go and deeply rejuvenate. Allow me to share wth you the gift of healing energy I have been  blessed with in my hands to unwind blockages and imbalances in your  system so that your light can shine again. When stress is eliminated, the miraculous body is naturally  able to  heal from within. Whether you want to improve your overall well-being or  address an illness, my healing work can give you relief from stress and  pain while serving as a catalyst for transformation on many levels. As you grow in awareness, you become more empowered and aligned more  fully with the love, compassion, joy, peace, wisdom, health, happiness  and prosperity within.       


"Laksmi has a gift.  She radiates peace, compassion and beauty.  I was  very blessed to receive a two-hour session with her.  When I first laid  on her table, I was agitated and stressed.  Her healing hands, gentle  voice and beautiful insights created a calmness inside.  I slept  peacefully for many nights following and all my stresses were simply put  into perspective.  She's a tremendously special and gifted Earth angel." - Jen Kluczkowksi (MIND FRESH CEO)

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