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Combining over 25 years of experience as a body/mind healing practitioner with my own personal journey of transformation has enabled me to help many people overcome their body/mind limitations, pain and suffering. her unique and transformational healing. 

My hands-on healing work and my classes such as “Laughter Healing” and her “Lakshmi Prosperity Workshops.”  all incorporate unique and powerful techniques which infuse light, awareness and compassion to unwind and heal dark areas of pain and tension.  

I am dedicated to helping you gain freedom from stress, pain and all other limitations so you can experience a greater joy and unfold your potential to be the best you possible living the best life possible. 

Allow me to support you on your beautiful healing journey of transformation as you blossom into your full potential.

I have had a successful Healing and Bodywork practice since 1992 and have been teaching personal growth workshops worldwide for the last seven years. 

My home base (ombase) since 2005 is in South India. I  divide my time between an ashram there focusing on doing inner work like prayer, meditating, bhakti yoga, karma  yoga and laughter yoga, giving workshops and also traveling worldwide volunteering my bodywork services for a UN affiliated  humanitarian organization. 

I come to NYC just a few times a year to offer individual Hands-on Healing sessions as well as group and corporate Laughter Power Healing sessions.


I am here in NYC this time until Oct 26th and am offering a workshop at ACA Galleries in Chelsea this Thursday, the 19th from  7-9 pm.

I won't be here again until spring, so catch me while you can.... LOL :D


I am currently developing some juicy joy-inducing online classes. Please contact me if you have any specific requests, pains, stresses or  or issues you would like me to address.

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